May 26

Volunteer to Translate the One Planet Project’s website

The Zeitgeist Movement’s Linguistic Team (The Linguistic Team International) is reaching out to us (the Philippine Chapter) for assistance in translating the website of The One Planet Project. They have a very user friendly collaborative platform for those who wish to participate in the translation. Right now there are 1,835 words that need to be translated in Tagalog and Cebuano. If you need more information please contact us or join the meeting through Skype by adding me, (Donna Maddox) donna.maddox1111.

Please refer to the email message below for more information.


The Linguistic Team International is, among other highly interesting things, translating the One Planet Project website ( to other languages so that it can be available to as many people as possible. The One Planet Project campaign is a simple local chapter project that directly engages each local community. An effective and creative platform for opening communication and education with the general public about our current world and the many problems we face as a global community today and heading into the future and how we can begin to work towards making a difference!

If you wish to be a part of this collaborative international translation effort, use the following link to select your native language and to start:

Register in Pootle if you haven’t yet and select the project(s) and the language to which you wish to translate first, and access to the project will be given to you very soon. If you have any question or you want to know about other translation projects in progress visit the Linguistic Team forum:

It would be very helpful if you forward this message to your chapter’s mailing list and/or share this announcement on your chapter site so that anyone who wishes can help with the effort.

Thanks for your efforts, and regards.
The Linguistic Team International

Apr 16

One Planet Project Campaign

The Zeitgeist Movement - One Planet Project

It is time to take action. Let us do our part in the Philippines and support the global campaign to bring awareness about The Zeitgeist Movement and Resource Base Economic Model (RBEM). It will also be a great opportunity for us to spread the word that a local TZM chapter exist in the Philippines.

To participate please contact us.

So what is the One Planet Project Campaign?

Zeitgeist Movement members hit the street and directly interact with the local public by asking them a few simple questions and then taking down their name and email. The individuals who are approached on the street and give their names and emails will then receive a package via email that includes the movie links to watch online or download important information about the movement and its objectives.

By collecting emails we create a gauge as to how many people we speak to on a weekly, monthly and annual time frame. In turn, the goal is to have as many of these people as possible sign up on the global site and become part of the global numbers.

By engaging in this simple, easy, street-level campaign, chapters interact directly with the public and they become a visible presence within their communities.

Learn more about this campaign or visit the One Planet Project website.

Volunteer and Support