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About Us – The Zeitgeist Movement – Philippines Chapter

From the initiative by the group of Filipino individuals, The Zeitgeist Movement Philippine Chapter (tzmpilipinas.com) is an organization that aims to make a social change both in the local and global contexts. The movement wants to embrace a new socioeconomic model called the “Resource-Based Economic Model (RBEM)”, which was inspired by (Jacque Fresco) The Venus Project (TVP).

This new model is completely opposite to the current system of monetary-based economic model wherein the goal is the never ending cycle of consumption and production in which the intermediary medium is “Money”. RBEM’s underlying principle is to provide abundance of and access to the Earth’s resources and not scarcity like what the current system produces.

We recognize that most of the social and economic problems the humankind is facing ever since the old days, such as poverty, war, corruption, starvation, etc., are caused by the lack of free access to world’s resources. Because money is needed to get the things we need in life and the fact that not all people have enough of it which produces inequality and greed, thus, a sustainable and just society is impossible to attain. With that, the Resource-Based Economic Model aims to make everything available without a cost to environment and every human being by upholding new, sustainable and advanced ways of living, with the help of science and technology.

The meaning of social reformation may vary in each person’s perspective and perceived knowledge but for the movement, social change means the elimination of the current monetary-based system and profit-based incentive and replacing it with a legacy driven type of incentive. Given the condition of our society right now, it is just appropriate to rethink our ways of living and to rebuild our outdated and distorted social structure. And this is what The Zeitgeist Movement Philippines focuses on.

We are taking a giant leap towards a sustainable planet. Change will happen if we open ourselves free from prejudices, biases and bigotry; many things still have to be done. That’s why we vow to continuously learn and spread awareness. Our aim is to conduct future projects that will make everyone aware and involved in this great step towards a brighter future.

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